What is e-View?

e-View is E-Vision's Pay Per View service. Launched November 30, 2002 as the first Interactive Pay Per View service in the region, e-View is one of E-Vision's Premium services, which allows you to watch the latest Arabic, Bollywood & Hollywood movies, from the comfort of your home, on your television screen, 24 hrs a day. Just use your E-Vision remote control and tune to e-View menus on Channel 220 & 221 to see what is playing. Once you buy a movie you can enjoy it for the whole day. For film previews and trailers, tune to channel 200 or click on "View Trailers" on this website.
To know how to order a movie, please Click Here.


What is E-Vision?

E-Vision is the nation's # 1 digital cable TV entertainment service provider. Using the most advanced Cable TV technology, we deliver access to over 160 channels of programming to homes that are within E-Vision's cabled areas. The E-Vision service offers an incredible selection of entertainment for every member of the family - all in the digital-quality picture and sound that E-Vision is known for.

What is Digital Cable and why is it better?

Digital Cable TV is a more advanced way of transmitting TV, rather than the old "analog" transmissions of the past. Picture quality and sound quality are far better and more reliable. New innovative services are made available through a Digital Cable TV system that makes TV viewing more enjoyable. Only with digital cable you will be able to see what is on and plan your viewing through an Electronic Program Guide. Pay-Per-View service will add a new level of convenience to your enjoyment of movies at home. Other exciting innovations are made possible through Digital TV technology brought to you only by E-Vision.

Will E-Vision Cable TV be distributed to all Emirates in the UAE ?

Etisalat is building the network that will carry E-Vision services to all the Emirates. As you can imagine this will take us some time and large investments to complete. With a goal of 600,000 homes passed by the end of 2004, we should make good progress in reaching everyone.

What packages are you offering and at what price?

Packages offered reflect the viewing preferences of residents within the United Arab Emirates. The pricing is very competitive and offers a good entertainment value for the money to our viewers. To see what is offered please click here

Where is E-Vision available?

E-Vision Service is presently available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain & Ajman and is to grow nationwide in the near future. To find out more on areas covered, please call our toll free number at 101.

Can I get Internet access from E-Vision?

High-speed Internet service, the Al Shamil Cable is offered to home users in the UAE. E-Vision will be the exclusive distributor of Al Shamil cable. Subscribers can now sign up for the service at E-Vision's sales outlets or any Etisalat counters.
Al Shamil Cable allows users to access the Internet at speeds up to ten times faster than the normal dial-up connection. With downstream speeds of up to 384 kbps and upstream speed of 128 kbps, the user is able to use a range of hi-bandwidth applications, from video streaming on online gaming, that are generally slower to download on Dial-up connection. In addition, Al Shamil gives users unlimited Internet usage with fixed monthly subscription, which is same as the existing Al Shamil DSL, at Dhs. 250. However, we are working on a bundled package (Al Shamil Cable plus E-Vision's Basic Package). The pricing of the new service has yet to be confirmed, subscribers to the bundled E-Vision and Al Shamil Cable package will benefit from a discounted rate.

What equipment is required to receive E-Vision digital cable TV services?

A Set-Top-Box (decoder) and a Smart Card are required to receive E-Vision's digital Cable TV service. The Set-Top-Box is included in basic subscriptions and is provided by E-Vision at no additional cost to the customer.

How does E-Vision service reach my TV?

TV channels are transmitted through a digital Cable Network, and are received through a Cable TV socket. The cable TV socket is similar to a telephone socket, which is installed in your home by our technicians.

Can we select channel of our choice from a package?

There are various different packaged options for selection to meet your viewing interests. Presently, E-Vision provides its Basic package, eFirstnet packages, ePehla packages, all of Showtime's cable packages, ART Cable package, Orbit package and also several individual Premium channels as an Ala Carte option.

How do I subscribe to E-Vision services?

By calling toll free 101, you can find out where the nearest office is. E-Vision is available not only through its sales offices but also through many authorized resellers. Our customer services staff will guide you or click here to see our contact us information

Can I receive Cable TV in other rooms of my house?

Yes and there is a very low additional outlet rate of Dhs. 25 designed to provide all subscribed services to all the TV's in your home.

Will weather conditions affect my Cable TV service?

No. E-Vision services are delivered by underground cable. Weather conditions do not affect service.

Does E-Vision provide Interactive services?

Yes! E-Vision gives its subscribers Interactive service such as e-Games. E-Vision presently has five exciting games to be played on TV and is constantly working towards getting more games, and other interactive services to fulfill our customer needs.       Click here for more…

What is e-junior?

The first and only kids channel that belongs to the children of the UAE. A fantasyland for kids where they can learn, discover, love and laugh. From everyone's lovable cartoon characters to live action, there's something for children of all ages and nationalities.     Click here for more information on e-junior and for new features such as kid's online drawing board and much more…

Are there any Educational programs for kids?

All our programs are carefully selected for their entertainment and educational value. Research shows the value of using entertainment for education and that is very much what e-junior  is all about.

How are payments made?

You can mail your payments to the address that appears on the reverse side of your E-Vision billing statement. For your convenience, all ETISALAT Cash Payment Machines and Payment Counters also accept E-Vision bill payment. The most convenient way to pay is by giving E-Vision Standing Credit Card instructions, which permit monthly charges to be made to your credit card.

What happens if my payment is late?

If your payment is not received by the due date that appears on your E-Vision billing statement, your bill will be considered pass due and service may be disconnected temporarily. To avoid such difficulties we request our customers to pay their bills well in advance of the due date of the billing statement.


Do I have to pay E-Vision while I am away on vacation ?

No. E-Vision provides its customers two-months temporary-out-service period in a year, upon customer request. All you have to do is call our Toll-Free 101 and give us your vacation schedule.